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Curriculum Plans (and schedules) should be simple and easy to follow.  Start out with simple theme days and build from there. No one expects you to have a full day of planned things to do.  Our days our very busy already.  We just need to label the things we do and add ideas when appropriate.  Your schedule should always be fun and inviting!!

Daily Schedule
7am - 7:30am  Puzzles, books, dress up, and simple art
7:30am- 8am   Dancing, singing, story time
8am - 8:30am  Breakfast (see menu)
8:50am - 9am Potty time/Diaper Change/Wash hands
9am - 9:30am Circle time (work on abc's, 1,2,3's, talk about the weather, friends & family, etc...)
9:30am - 10am Outside time or large muscle activities if weather doesn't permit outside time
10:00am - 10:10am Wash hands
10:10am - 10:45am Art
10:45am - 11:00am Dancing, singing, and story time
11am - 11:30am  Fine motor with blocks, coloring, stringing beads, lacing shoes, writing in shaving cream
11:30am -11:40am Potty time/Diaper change/Wash hands
11:40 - Noon  Lunch (see menu)
and so on... just title the activities you already do with your children.  This lets them know what is going to happen next and it lets the parents know that you are working with their children in specific areas.


Monthly Schedule
One way to keep parents informed is to give them a monthly calendar on the first of every month.  This calendar should show any schedule changes or important dates.  Children love to see their name on anything so make sure to write their birthday on their special month. 
Theme Days are fun.  Every Tuesday can be Show and Tell.  Every Friday can be "wear the color of the month" day or bring something with the shape of the month.  You have random theme days like Silly Sock Day, Hat Day, Sunglasses Day, or Silly Shirt Day.  Make those days fun but make sure it's something everyone can do.  Not all families can participate if you choose expensive themes.  Choose things the children already have but can look forward to doing that day. 
Everyone can make the basic shapes.  Choose a color for each.  That's half of your calendar right there.  Plan to work on that color and shape several times a week if not every day.  A fun game is who can bring me a blue block?  Kids love that game! They are so excited when they can be successful.
I will attach an example so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.
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