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Helpful Ideas
1.  How do I have a good visit from my DHHR Monitor?
2.  I want to participate in the food program but it's too much paperwork.  What can I do?
1.  Be transparent.  Both of your jobs are on the line and you need to work as a team so that the children you care for get the best environment.  One way to make things easier for you is to have all of your paperwork in one notebook.  Keep children's files and your files separated by tabs.  Keep your old sign in sheets and other out dated paperwork assessable and in a secure box.  Keep all other documentation in one place so that everything is organized and ready to be viewed.  Parents appreciate that extra step you take to be more professional.
2.  The reimbursement benefits from the Food Program is essential to every provider so that your children get a very healthy diet and learn better food choices.  Again, organization is the key.  Keep one menu and stick to it.  It's easier to shop and easier to do your paperwork.  One notebook with your menu in front with your Minute Menu bubble sheets and it's an easy step that takes less than 10 minutes a day (more like 5 minutes when you get in the habit) One big hint is to put the number of the food item on the menu.  I'll add a picture of a sample menu you can view as an example.